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Yoga has always been in my life in one way or another, my mum practiced yoga throughout my childhood and I dipped my toe in and out of it from my teens right up until my late twenties. It was only in my early thirties I started a regular practice and with this began to feel a sense of confidence, calm and freedom I had never felt before.


After trying out various ‘types’ of yoga, I felt that there was more to learn about this magical practice, so I applied for the British Wheel of Yoga foundation course with my teacher Debbie Farrar of ‘Feel Now Yoga’. During this time there was a huge shift in my thinking and I slowly started to peel back the layers of what yoga is all about. The fire in my belly had been lit and I decided to continue to study under Debbie, completing the Independent Yoga Network accredited Teaching Diploma. This experience allowed me to appreciate the subtleties of the practice, how the philosophy weaves into daily life, the amazing unique anatomy of the body and the peace & tranquility of stillness. All of which I aim to bring to my students in class. 


Yoga is an incredible journey and one that enriches my life everyday in so many ways, both on and off the mat. Yoga has given me the tools to deal with my own stress and anxiety, help with my father’s Parkinson’s and everyday life. It is so much more than posture practice, it has changed the way I think, the way I breath, the way I act and react and the decisions I make in life. I truly believe the health benefits mentally, physically and spiritually are endless for everyone regardless of age or abilities. 


My teaching is influenced by Debbie Farrar, Godfrey Deveruex and Pete Blackaby whose methods are underpinned by listening to the intelligence of the body and being guided by soft nourishing sensations. A typical class will include body awareness & grounding, breathing techniques, joint mobility, mindful flowing movements & postures, meditation and relaxation . Allowing the unique individual to find freedom and peace in their body and mind & access a yoga tool box they can bring it into their daily lives.


Qualification: 350 hours Independent Yoga Network Teaching Diploma.